FI-ENN Real Estate Agency is a leading one on the market. Working with both companies and individuals, we strive to offer the best possible conditions for selling real estate and Properties . We operate in all manners of real estate fields ranging from office buildings to apartments and everything in between. In a word, we sell any kind of real estate and properties at affordable price . Working with a lot of customers, we have the experience, knowledge, and skills to meet and even exceed your expectations. Our biggest goal is to provide high-quality services to our customers and contribute to maintaining a quality real estate market.




To create an everlasting impression in the minds of clients and prospects alike as the property firm with the right lyrics of sound property investment, management through unique customer experience. Carving our name in your heart as your best consultant in making the right real estate investment decisions is the vision.


Fienn Properties as a firm has one mission-Ensure clients get the best in terms of customer experience in the marketing and acquisition of real estate investments, its management and other related services. Customer satisfaction is our culture and it is the mission.


                                                          FROM THE CEO DESK

My Name is Nosa Ukpebor. I am the CEO of Fienn Real Estate Consultant. Our firm has been on the front line of real estate management and sales of properties. Our services has been reliable and efficient. We value our customers with a high esteem. We also survey properties and lands to make sure our customers have the best service . Fienn is a multi purpose firm. contact us now using any of the means provided to get you the best property and at an affordable price.

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